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Tangential Force; 2nd place
Lay of the Land, SLO Museum of Art


Art Center School of Design
Otis College of Art and Design


Acrylic on Canvas
Assemblage & Collage
Copper Enamel
Fiber Sculpture
Mixed Medium

My art is an endeavor to capture a complex feeling or thought simply & boldly, reflecting my love of design, a dominant interest throughout my life. Playing with the juxtaposition of calm versus turbulent ... the yin & yang of life, I strive to create visually exciting, sometimes soothing, sometimes playful, sometimes thoughtful ... but always artwork that is a joy to be with.

My process involves a great deal of experimentation that I find exciting and rewarding. Working mostly in acrylics I am able to layer, scrub, scratch, destroy and rebuild until the images begin to evolve and communicate a direction. I am continually exploring new possibilities in painting effects, composition and new materials for collage and assemblage pieces, often incorporating my copper enamel work. Playing with textures, adding objects for interest. finding just the right mix or transparent overlays to create that rich depth of color, all creating the excitement of discovery ... of what will show up.

My background:
After studying commercial art & graphic design at the Art Center School of Design, and fine arts at the Otis College of Art & Design in Los Angeles, Ca., I have had a long and varied career that includes fashion illustration, advertising design, ceramics, copper enamel, fiber sculpture and various other medium. In 1976, my daughter Mandra and I formed Manett Designs, creating fashion accessories for high end department stores, fine boutiques, and museum shops, filling the niche between fashion and art. I am now Pursuing my renewed passion to paint. “It is a love affair of the eyes, and its enjoyment is immediate and spontaneous.”

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portfolio graphic & web fashion illustration artist bio affiliations & shows collectors etsy shop contact